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Upholstery Cleaning Costs

Professional upholstery cleaning refreshes and sanitises the fibres of all fabrics around the house as well as it helps for removing stubborn stains and dirt right away. The cost of such a service depends on the size of the furniture piece treated and also the cleaning company you choose for carrying out the service.


Cleaning an upholstered sofa starts at about £30.00 for a 2-seater sofa and goes up to £70.00 for a 5-seater one. A treatment for the armchair costs £24.00. Cleaning a chair with only upholstered seat costs less than if the back is upholstered as well.

Bear in Mind

The cost of a sofa cleaning varies depending on the number of seats. Discounted rates may be offered for cleaning of more than one piece of furniture and a volume discount is available.

Watch Out

Always read the labels of your upholstered furniture pieces and follow any specific instructions regarding the specifics of the material, texture, and fabric. Depending on the type of fabric a different method of cleaning might be appropriate, so different rates will apply.