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Efficient Red Wine Stain Removal from Your Carpet & Upholstery

Efficient Red Wine Stain Removal from Your Carpet & UpholsteryYou had guests over to your place for Saturday night, and the party has gone a little wild… A red wine spill on your light coloured carpet emerged. Needless to say, you need to act promptly and knowledgeably to prevent long-term damage to your carpet. If you have scotch guarded the carpet in advance, it will slow down the absorption process and will give you extra time to react to the problem. As soon as you notice the spill, grab a paper towel or an absorbent cloth and blot the excess moisture.

It is advisable to call a professional carpet cleaners assistance as soon as possible to remove the stain with proper chemicals and sophisticated equipment. If the carpet is of synthetic material, except for nylon, it will not absorb the wine and you have the highest chance of completely getting rid of the stain. If the carpet is made from wool or silk, professional carpet cleaning is needed urgently in order to return its previous condition and look. The hot water extraction method will be able to remove the wine built-up, but it is recommended to act quickly because the wine absorption in the fabric can settle in and colour the base of the carpet which may lead to permanent colouring and leave a different shade on your carpet.