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Leather Cleaning

Leather CleaningThe leather sofa at your home provides comfort and quality that give pleasure to your senses. Unfortunately, accidents happen and we come to experience more and more problems relating to leather furniture as time goes by. Leather cleaning and maintaining of your leather furniture is a necessary and important aspect of your house upkeep. It will not only address dust, dirt and oils that accumulate over time but also keep the leather surface elastic and less susceptible to getting damaged by spilt liquids.

Leather sofas and leather furniture can be quite expensive, so when a stain appears you will obviously want to make sure you call in professionally cleaned. Unless you know exactly how to handle the type of stain on the type of leather in any particular case, you better leave this out and call us, because you may make a costly mistake. Ultimately, the success of leather cleaning depends on two major factors - you need to correctly identify the type of leather that needs to be treated and secondly, the stain that is about to be treated. The different leather types and stains require a different approach, so just be careful and consider calling Sprint Cleaning rather than try to clean things yourself.

Our professional range of cleaning products and methods have been specifically designed for different leather types. Each type is characterised by a particular rate of absorbency. Being a natural product, the leather surface of your sofa readily absorbs water and dirt through its pores. Our team of professionals is well informed of and trained in the application of  latest, high-quality products and techniques, pertaining to the following types of leather:

Pigmented (protected, finished, painted)

This leather is easy to treat. All stains and marks can be removed in most cases with absolutely satisfactory results.

Aniline leather (natural, unprotected, pure)

The real grain markings are visible on the surface of this leather. It comes in various types that react in a slightly different way when treated with cleaning products. The main issue with the aniline leather is that it is more absorbent of dirt and oils and therefore, not all marks will be removed with just one cleaning. But if you do it on regular basis, any stains will eventually fade out and blend into the colour of the furniture. There are several major types of aniline leather. Sauvage or full aniline leather - this is the most appealing and natural leather prized for its authenticity. Typically, there is no colour coating on the surface of these leathers.
These are the most expensive of all because typically they are made of the very best selection of animal hides. Come to cleaning, full aniline leather is most susceptible to damage caused by liquids, because of the natural porosity of the natural material and the lack of surface coating (so as to allow leather to breathe and feel more natural to touch). Pull-up aniline leather - this is actually full aniline leather that sports a surface coating of oil and/or wax. Semi-aniline - these are dyed through and feature a thin, protective surface coating. They offer a blend of the natural feel characteristic of full aniline leather with the benefit of being protected by the thin layer on their surface.

Nubuck/Chaps/Stonewashed/Suede leather

These are actually aniline leathers that have been heavily brushed to obtain a velvet-like fabric. The main difference between these two being nubuck gets sanded on the outside, while suede has been rubbed on the inside.

Bycast/coated leather

This is the newest type of split leather. It is produced by melting a glue on the surface than rolling on a thin film of coloured polyurethane. Gets scratched easily and lightens when it does, due to the fact that it´s predominantly produced in darker colours. Typically used as a material for belts, bags etc., the material is becoming increasingly popular with furniture.

For any types of leather, book a specialist with Sprint Cleaning to have your leather furniture cleaned, nourished and refreshed and looking like new.