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Curtains Cleaning Service

Curtains cleaning and maintenance is as essential as having your carpet and upholstery cleaned. Have you ever entered a room, where everything is shiny and clean and yet, you have that distinct feeling that something needs to be done? Washing the curtains will transform the whole atmosphere and fill you with a feeling of satisfaction. We take pride in the exceptional curtains cleaning service we offer. Our professionally trained cleaners will inspect your curtains, finding out what they are made of and recommend the suitable cleaning method. They will make sure that your curtains will not shrink or distort, will not be discoloured or damaged during the treating, all stains will be treated as they should be using the proper cleaning method and non-intrusive chemicals that do not pose a health or environmental standard.

Most people tend to neglect their curtains. On one hand, you certainly have reasonable concerns and don't want to end up with your curtains damaged. On the other hand, most draperies are inexpensive these days, so you would rather change them than have them cleaned. Of course, having your rooms redecorated and done up is never a bad idea, there are many reasons why you should have your curtains properly cleaned. For one, they collect a huge amount of dust, dirt and moisture, especially when your windows are open. Even when you clean the room, your draperies will absorb a lot of dust. Similarly to carpets, they are air filters that catch airborne particles. Just do a quick sniff test and you will find out whether their smell is fresh and clean right away.

We rely on cleaning equipment and methodology of the highest quality. We employ several major cleaning techniques and depending on the current condition of your curtains, their fabric etc., we might advise you that they better be dry or steam cleaned on the spot or recommend that they are taken down and cleaned in our facilities. The cheapest and easiest way to solve the problem is, of course, washing the curtains at home. But then, imagine the whole process of having to take the curtains down, wait until properly washed, iron then hang them up again. And at the end, the result is not exactly outstanding at all. It gets even worse if you take them to the nearest dry cleaners because then you would have to spend even more time and money.

How about leaving one of our specialists to complete the job instead and save yourself the time and energy? We come straight to your door, inspect the curtains' fibres and advise you on the most suitable method. Sprint Cleaning will refresh and turn back the colourless to your curtains as they hang on the ledges, achieving an amazing, absolutely satisfactory result. Leave the unpleasant job to us and just enjoy!