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Common Upholstery Issues & Prevention

Common Upholstery Issues & PreventionDuring the many years of experience, the upholstery cleaning professionals of our company have come across a variety of issues and imperfections. The main ones are often caused by an accident while pets are often a reason for some issues with your upholstered furniture pieces. One of the most commonly encountered stains on upholstered pieces are the ones caused by the natural oil production of the human body as the human body produces hair and skin oils and perspiration.

These natural oils, unfortunately, often stain the textile fibres permanently and only a professional upholstery treatment complemented by the help of strong and effective products can remove the oils from fabrics and textures. Perspiration is even more damaging than oil to textiles. The salt residue in the perspiration weakens the fabric's structure and the protein can cause discolouration. Another type of stain that is encountered quite often and requires a professional upholstery maintenance treatment is the urine one. It can appear either lighter or darker than the original colour. The vomit stains become more difficult to remove if they have been coloured by food, drink, or medicines. Unfortunately, these can change the colour of upholstered pieces completely if not treated as soon as possible. Carpet and upholstery cleaners can help all customers to learn more about preventive measures which can make a lot of difference and save you a lot of energy, money, and time. Book you upholstery cleaning service today on 02070360626.