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Car Upholstery Cleaning Solutions

Car Upholstery Cleaning SolutionsThe proper car upholstery maintenance always starts with a regular vacuuming and care. The rugs and seats are most heavily soiled and need attention and regular cleaning. If dirt and dust are left to pile up it will be even more difficult to remove them. Grime and dirt build-up may even cause fabric discolouration and other issues. Upholstery cleaning can rejuvenate the fibres and bring them back to life.

Whether you are a car dealer or you want to sell or buy a second-hand car, whether you have pets, or children, or the car has just seen a lot of use without being properly taken care of, our car upholstery cleaning service will bring some comfort and tidiness to your vehicle along with a safe and thorough sanitising and a fresh scent. It is important to keep the hygiene of your surroundings up to a standard. Food spills, germs, allergens, and bacteria need to be addressed instantly so you can ensure a healthy and safe environment in the car and prevent stubborn stains that hide the risk of staining the car’s upholstery permanently.

A regular vacuuming of the car’s rugs and upholstery at least once a month will ensure that the car is kept tidy and sanitised. It is advisable that you clean your upholstery using the crevice tool type attachment of your hoover. This allows utmost suction and can be used for easy access to hard to reach areas. Our upholstery cleaners utilize hot water extraction method which manages to efficiently extract all the dirt out of the car’s upholstery and leave it extra fresh and sanitised. After an initial thorough clean of the car’s upholstery, maintenance cleaning when needed or when accident spills occur will keep your car’s upholstery clean and hygienic.