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Tips & Tricks for an Easy Window Cleaning

Tips & Tricks for an Easy Window CleaningSpring cleaning is already over but we understand that some people tend to procrastinate it due to a number of different reasons but mainly due to lack of time and motivation. One of the most important aspects of spring cleaning or deep and thorough cleaning of the house is washing the windows. Today’s article is dedicated to all those of you who have left window cleaning for last minute and are in need of a few simple and easy-to-follow yet very effective professional window cleaning tips, tricks, and ideas. 

There are people who find a big pleasure in cleaning. Unfortunately, most of us do not fit into this category and here is when we need to look for some motivation and inspiration to do the things right. If you are one of those people who enjoy a clean house but does not enjoy the process of cleaning it, you will find these professional window cleaning tips and ideas very helpful, indeed. First of all, you should start with considering and planning all details of window cleaning as it is not your usual everyday cleaning task and requires a bit more attention, time, energy, and elbow grease. Of course, the main goal you are aiming towards is ending up with sparkling clean windows and maintain this effect for as long as possible. Here are a few important aspects to pay attention to so you can achieve this result:

  • Start off with a cloth or towel with a long handle to help you clean and wash the space around the glass at the exterior side of the property. The less dirt, grime, and dust there is next to the glass, the easier it will be to make your windows sparkling clean with a time-effective manner. Next comes the wiping of the window frames on the interior side. Use a cleaning product that is stronger than a glass cleaner. You should do the same with all ledges and mouldings around. 
  • In case you have a mosquito net installed on your windows, make sure to put it off and give it a good wash with the help of water mixed with soap and a brush.
  • In order to get the long-lasting cleanliness everyone is desiring, make sure to use an antistatic spray along with the cleaning product which will guarantee that dust and grime do not accumulate that quickly on the glass. 
  • In case you are smoking inside the house, try to do it as far from the windows as possible. The cigarette smoke is bad for the freshly washed windows and makes them dirty and dusty faster.
  • In case you are using air conditioning at home, make sure to clean or change the air conditioning filters as often as possible so you can prevent the spreading of dust and dirt around the room and onto the windows.

A tried and tested way for making the windows sparkling clean is wiping them off with the help of… an old newspaper! You heard that right, you are recommended to use the pages of a newspaper for getting rid of all the dirt and dust accumulated on the surface of the windows. The process of window cleaning, in this case, is very simple – spray a glass cleaner onto the window and then wipe it off with a newspaper. You will be surprised by how good this simple method works!

Is there a specific time of the day when window cleaning is recommended? In fact, there is! The most important factor you should keep in mind is the temperature outside and the temperature of the glass itself. The best way to minimise the leftover streaks and stains is by washing the windows when the temperature is not too high neither too low. The best time for cleaning the windows is early in the morning, right around sunrise.