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How to Take Care of the Garden Furniture

The proper care for your yard or garden certainly starts with a good cleaning, through and regular maintenance, the best possible landscaping. However, once the entire yard or garden is tidy and clean, next up comes refreshing and cleaning the exterior furniture and decorations. Making sure you carry on all this hard work will guarantee that your property appears extra welcoming and hospitable, beautiful and cosy, attractive and eye-catching.

In order to make sure your exterior furniture pieces are extra clean and fresh, today we share with you a few simple tips and tricks recommended by the experts in the field. Make sure to follow these hacks and recommendations and you will discover that cleaning and tidying up your exterior is not necessarily a challenging task but one that can be completed within an hour. 

Clean the wooden elements of your private swimming pool

Having your own private swimming pool is a dream for many people, however, not many of them consider the hard work it is required to keep the swimming pool extra clean and well-sanitised. If you are lucky enough to consider the installation of a swimming pool in your yard we recommend you going for a pool installation with wooden elements. The wooden material fits perfectly and naturally into the outdoor space, adding a lot of cosiness, simple elegance, and functionality. However, wooden elements require some regular maintenance so you can enjoy them for a long time in perfect condition.

Despite the fact that the majority of the exterior wooden elements are treated with a specially designed sealant and lacquer that ensures a long-lasting and hard-wearing power thus the aggressive environment and the temperature fluctuations, making sure that these wooden elements are not exposed on moisture all the time is very important. In order to give the wooden elements of your swimming pool a good clean, it is important that you are not using soap or another strong cleaning products that may damage the lacquered surface of the bare wood.

Instead, it is recommended to give the wooden parts a thorough wipe with the help of a soft cotton cloth that is slightly damp. Use the same cleaning method for removing the dust and dirt from exterior furniture made out of wood such as chairs and tables. It is important to wipe the wooden surfaces with a dry cotton cloth at the end to prevent the moisture from damaging the wood.

Do not miss the exterior umbrella

Exterior furniture pieces made out of metal are definitely a more costly investment compared to your other options but the most long-lasting one and they definitely add a lot of elegance and sophistication to the outdoor space. Cleaning and maintaining in a good condition all metal furniture pieces and elements, including chairs, tables, and the outdoor umbrella, is very important. The simplest way to give these a good clean is by using a cleaning product that is designed for this very specific purpose or simply use soap mixed with water. 

High quality care for the plastic exterior furniture

Plastic furniture pieces are among the most common choice of many homeowners when it comes to the exterior of their property. Despite having the shorter life, especially in the indoor conditions and changes, plastic furniture is preferred for its functionality and as a budget-friendly option. Plastic is a light material that is easy to clean and maintain. The most common way for cleaning the plastic furniture in our garden or yard is by washing them with hot water and soap or with a mixture of warm water and a bit of baking soda that will bring the crisp white shade of the white plastic pieces. However, when it comes to plastic pieces in a colour different than white, you can clean them effectively with a mixture of 1 litre of warm water and half a cup of white vinegar.