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Office Common Areas Cleaning Essentials – Part 2

Office Common Areas Cleaning Essentials – Part 2Welcome to Part 2 of the article series where we discuss the basic and most effective guidelines to a proper cleaning and maintenance of common areas in business and office premises and units. Make sure to check out the first article of the series to get a general idea of how to prepare proper equipment, tools, and products for carrying out the job.

Pre-start Inspection

  • Before starting the cleaning project, thoroughly check and inspect the area. If there are spills and stains that may be a hazard or toxic these need to be addressed immediately. Report damages you stumble upon to the supervisor.
  • Before starting to clean make sure to display the safety sign. If there are spills on the hard floor, make sure to remove them with an appropriate solution and wipe the surface dry.
  • The same applies for stains and spills on carpets. Use an appropriate product for treating them and always use a white cloth to avoid colour runs.

Dry Mopping and Dusting

  • Start cleaning the hard floors with a dry mop to remove the dust and prevent it from spreading around the room. Mop in turning motion starting from one corner of the room and always pay a special attention to corners and nooks.
  • You can remove the debris with the help of a broom and dustpan. You can also use the broom for removing the dust and debris collected in the corners.
  • Throw away all the rubbish collected in a lined rubbish bin.

Wet Mopping

  • Continue with mopping the hard floors with a damp mop. In case the floors are wooden, make sure the mop is just slightly damp as the excessive use of water could damage the wood. 
  • Use two buckets – one with water and one with a diluted cleaning solution.
  • Dip and wring dry the mop in the clear water first and then the solution.
  • An effective coverage on the floor is ensured with a number 8 motion of the mop.


  • The button panel and the interior of the lift should be wiped down with a sanitizer and a damp cloth. Do not miss to go through the mirror, doors, walls, ceiling. 
  • Then mop the floor in the lift.
  • The exterior of the lift’s door should be wiped down with a sanitizer and a damp cloth too.


  • Start taking care of the stairway area by placing the safety sign. Then use a cloth to wipe down the inside and outside of the door leading to the stairway and the handle of the door.
  • Continue with dry mopping the stairs to remove dust and wipe the handle railings. 
  • Finish by wet mopping the stairs.

Final Inspection

  • Finally, check out all the areas cleaned to make sure that all the work required is finished properly. In case you have a checklist as recommended it will be convenient for you to use it.
  • Then remove and dispose of the rubbish collected at the collection point.
  • Once the floor is completely dry you can remove the signage.
  • Return equipment, tools, and products at their storage space.