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How to Ensure a High-Quality Office Cleaning – Part 1

Every now and then, working in an office means that you are most probably going to stumble upon a dusty or dirty nook and corner that has been neglected by the office cleaning team hired by your company somewhere along the process. Usually, the cleaning company the office manager/your boss has booked for a weekly tidying up is going to focus on the areas of high traffic and the most used one and sometimes forget about all those hidden places that are out of plain sight but need attention and treatment too.

After all, these are the professionals hired to make sure that each detail is treated with attention and care and the workspace is completely clean and tidy, from top to bottom, so the employees can enjoy it a lot and feel well-inspired to work and be productive, while the visitors/customers visiting the place are left with a good first impression of professionalism, presentable and comfortable setting. 

Even when the manager hires an office cleaning company with an extensive experience, knowledge, and a really good reputation, inspection of their work should be carried out. A regular inspection of the office cleaning procedures from the contractor hired is a guarantee that all the job is done properly within the given timeframe. It is also the one secure way that all expectations are met and the desired results are achieved.

While all this may seem like a time-consuming, boring, and tedious task, control management is a key moment and should be approached with a responsibility. Control management is the best solution to being able to evaluate the results of the office cleaning service hired and determine what are your aims and how the professional team can meet them further. It may seem like too much of a work for such an aspect but its importance is significant since a clean, tidy, and decluttered office space inspires productivity and makes a good first impression. 

So here is a simple step-by-step guide to how to inspect the office cleaning job provided by the contractor you have hired so you can ensure a good service quality and be able to provide the proper feedback to the company.

Evaluate the cleaning outcomes and service quality

Pretty self-explanatory, cleaning outcomes are the results of a service delivered and service quality relates to the response time for a particular task. Both measuring and evaluating points can show you whether the contractor hired are able to provide a service that meets the standards set by your company. Every company is recommended to have an individual Performance Inspection List that enables the responsible manager to inspect the outcomes step-by-step without missing one. This Performance Inspection List should reflect the individual requirements of the place and the individual standards of the company. So it is advisable to customise the list according to the office’s layout and specific requirements. The majority of the cleaning elements that are most probably going to end up in the list include:

• Visible areas such as table tops, floor, walls, other surfaces in plain sight
• Non-visible areas such as high surfaces, under the table, etc.
• Inspection units such as the hallways, lobby, stairways
• Items in a unit such as doors, floors, fixtures
• Dusting includes removing thin layers of dust
• Removing the dirt includes removing thick layers of dust gathered
• Dried stains are usually left by beverage or food spills
• Litter includes paper and other items not disposed of correctly
• Fixtures are all items secured to walls and the ceiling such as basins, switches, AED
• Signage areas include the exit and directory
• Display items are the items hung on the wall such as posters, notice boards, pictures in frames
• Office furniture is all movable items such as chairs, tables, sofa
• Decoratives are the smaller movable items such as pots, planters, etc.
• Electrically powered appliances include the microwave, PC, fridge, etc.

Make sure to stay tuned for Part 2 and you will be able to learn even more about how to carry a proper inspection of the office cleaning service you have been delivered!