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Cleaning & Polishing Wood Floors, Marble, Limestone & Vinyl

Cleaning & Polishing Wood Floors, Marble, Limestone & VinylProfessional floor cleaning and polishing is essential for maintaining your floors and bringing back their former beauty. As part of our specialities in floor maintenance and polishing, our long years of experience can rest our clients assured they will attain a superior quality of flooring services.

Wood Floors, Vinyl & Linoleum Cleaning & Polishing Service

Our expertise is in delivering high standard hard floor maintenance services including taking care of floors made out of wood, marble, limestone, vinyl, linoleum, and terrazzo in both commercial and residential properties.

Our operatives undergo extensive training in order to be able to handle any hard floor efficiently and professionally. We use the latest machinery and equipment available and 100% environmentally-friendly, non-hazardous products. At our company, we have the capacity to deliver consistently high-quality service at an affordable price and will offer you a personalized solution to meet your specific needs and will fit our service around your routine.

Natural Stone Restoration - Marble, Limestone, Granite and Terrazzo

Sprint Cleaning can preserve the beauty of your natural stone surface in any type of environment from kitchen floors to building lobbies. We provide the following services:

  • Marble floor polishing and marble floor grinding, honing and sanitising
  • Limestone floor polishing and limestone floor grinding, honing and sanitising
  • Sandstone floor polishing and sandstone floor grinding, honing and sanitising
  • Granite floor polishing and granite floor grinding, honing and sanitising
  • Vinyl floor sanitising and polishing
  • Terrazzo floor sanitising
  • We also provide ceramic/terracotta tiles sanitising and maintenance

Natural stone maintenance and polishing involve several processes:

Sanitising and sealing your natural stone surfaces is performed with professional natural stone cleaners and impregnating natural stone sealers, carefully picked out to match the specific environment. We also offer natural stone enhancing sealers for slate, flamed granite and any type of honed marble or granite. Applying a natural stone enhancer on a natural stone surface will bring the rich colour out of the stone.

Natural stone diamond polishing is performed by using diamond abrasive pads and special machines designed to restore your natural stone surface to a factory finish. Diamond cutting is done by using a series of diamond abrasive pads in multiple steps. Diamond cutting is also known as honing.

Crack & Chip Repair is done with polyester stone adhesive and different coloured pigments to blend into cracks or chips. The polyester adhesive process is done by using a product called Akemi.

Natural Stone Maintenance programs can be applied on weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual or yearly bases. This type of maintenance program will leave your natural stone floors in a showroom condition at all times.

Wooden Floor Cleaning & Wood Floor Polishing

Wood floor cleaning and polishing service are suitable for maintenance of sealed wooden floors. It contributed to protecting the floors, extending their life and maintaining their beauty.

Wood Floor Sanding & Sealing

Our floor sanding service and refinishing service would be the step you take to put back your wooden floors to their brand new look. Our experienced floor men can finish your floors in professional hardwearing varnish and hard wax oil and can also stain the flooring to desired finish and fill any gaps where necessary.