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Pitfalls in Communication in Tenancy Cleaning Enquiries

During my experience over the last year dealing with an end of tenancy cleaning enquiries, I have encountered the pitfalls of miscommunication on either side of the channel as one of the main causes for dissatisfaction. No matter how hard we try to explain ahead of time what exactly our service offer to our customers, we still fall short of certain customers’ expectations. London is a fruitful soil for move-in and move-out maintenance services, also known as end of tenancy cleaning service, to flourish. Inevitably, people move around the area due to a job change and relationship status, or simply a throughout the different stages of their life.

Surprisingly, I still get excuses such as, “Oh, I didn’t know the flat should be empty of my belongings for the end of tenancy maintenance visit!”, when the name of the service itself suggests that your tenancy has ended and obviously it is a final cleaning service and the flat needs to be left impeccable for the next tenant to move in. Another common mistake is that when a client needs a carpet, rug, blinds, or an upholstery cleaning service,  they need to book that separately or at least check with the company’s policy whether the additional service is included to an end of tenancy session or not.

Often, the base of the issue, in this case, consists of the fact that the additional service requires a differently trained carpet or upholstery technician who needs to arrive with their equipment and specific skills apart from the other cleaners to inspect the fabrics and take a proper care of their sanitising and maintenance. Thirdly, there are health and safety standards and regulations because of which carpet cleaners do not move furniture heavier than 25 kg and cleaners do not wipe down the windows outside, which is not a whim on behalf of the cleaners.

Walls are another disputed feature when it comes to an end of tenancy cleaning as the paint itself could be damaged easily after treatment, so most companies would not offer a wall maintenance service. Please, make sure to read carefully and inform yourself before finishing an agreement with the company you are hiring and then just be present at the end of service or quickly show up for an inspection. Professional cleaning companies will do everything within a reasonable scope to satisfy you as a customer and will send the cleaners back free of charge if needed upon an immediate notice after the service.

The most important part in the whole process of interaction is to keep good manners. I really believe it should be on both sides, not only on behalf of the service provider, as we are all humans and we all have feelings, and we all err in one way or another. The most important part is to have clear communication, willingness for cooperation. After all, a professional company would do whatever it takes so you can be happy with the results, get your deposit back, and enjoy the whole experience overall.