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End of Tenancy Cleaning Made Easy

End of Tenancy Cleaning Made EasyEnd of tenancy cleaning is an easy task for a professional, reliable, and experienced company. Our experience in the London-based commercial and residential cleaning and maintenance field serves well to organise a smooth end of tenancy maintenance visit - no hassle for you, simply a phone call away from the perfect results that will help you get your deposit back. A reliable and helpful customer service representative will take care of your special enquiries and handle the whole process from the beginning to the end.

Our company’s main aim is providing you with an enjoyable, efficient, time-saving, and reasonably priced end of tenancy maintenance session, guaranteeing high-quality results, working with a respectful and custom-tailored manner. This professional end of tenancy visit by our trained and skilled team will assure you are left with an immaculately clean property and help you get your deposit back while parting with good feelings with your current landlord. The only thing you are required to consider and take care of is removing your belonging out of the unit so our team can have all the space clear and decluttered for reaching to every nook and corner and taking care of all areas without missing a spot.

Be present to let us into the property at the beginning of our visit and at the end of the service when your inspection of the final result and feedback are of a crucial importance for us. Any issues will be discussed on a spot so we can make sure we are leaving you completely satisfied with the results! Furthermore, our extensive experience at the end of tenancy service fields helps us to have the skills to keep up with landlords’ and estate agents’ high standards, while we are following a thorough and detailed checklist and guaranteeing an outcome that will pass even the toughest landlord’s demands. Book an additional carpet cleaning to complement the end of tenancy maintenance service and do not forget to ask for any discounts available at the moment. All sorts of spills and spots you may have left on the carpet by an accident will be taken care of as well as high traffic areas like hallways and living rooms.

An additional treatment for refreshing and improving the condition of the carpet will make so much of a difference. Upholstery, curtains, and mattress cleaning are also available upon request. The whole team is coordinated for the work to be carried out within a convenient timescale, all members working in a time-saving and efficient manner to ensure that the whole job is finished on time. Make sure to check out our website for further information on what an end of tenancy service includes. In case you need additional information, we will be happy to speak with you and discuss everything you are interested in. Do not hesitate to give us a call - 02070360626. Online communication during work hours has proved to serve well many of our customers.