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Choosing a Cleaning Company for My End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Choosing a Cleaning Company for My End Of Tenancy CleaningWith the broad range of cleaning companies available today, it is important to be able to distinguish the ones that are truly reliable and professional. Having professionals to take care of your property is very important especially when it comes to an end of tenancy cleaning. The quality of the end of tenancy cleaning needs to be at a standard to meet the expectations of both existing and future tenants as well as the requirements of the letting agency or the landlords. There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you decide to dedicate the maintenance of your homes to a company. A few of them are briefly discussed below in order to help you identify the most suitable cleaning professionals for your needs.

What Cleaning Services Are Offered By The Cleaning Company?

Some professional cleaning companies specialise in domestic cleaning services while others expand their area of activities and offer office and commercial cleaning as well. Providers of professional cleaning also differ by the type of cleaning services they provide. While some companies concentrate on house cleaning, windows cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning separately, others combine these activities and offer a range of cleaning services. When it comes to an end of tenancy cleaning it is in most cases more practical to hire one cleaning company to take care of your property including the general cleaning, carpet, upholstery and curtains cleaning. Not only does that diminish the need of looking for several companies, but it also means that you are dealing with a company that is competent in several areas and may be more flexible and able to respond to individual requirements.

Does the Cleaning Company Work with Estate Agencies / Landlords?

Estate agencies are usually very demanding when tenants are moving out because they want to make sure that the next occupier of the property will be happy to rent it. That is why most of the agencies prepare inventory checklists to ensure that each part of the property is well maintained. Cleaning companies which deal with estate agencies know what is expected and how highly professional they need to be in order to meet the cleaning requirements. Once the cleaning agency starts practising end of tenancy cleaning for agencies, the same standards are applied when an end of tenancy cleaning is done for private landlords as well.

Will the Cleaning Company Return, If Issues Are Raised by The Inventory Check?

It is important to check with your company before you book their services whether they are prepared to return to your property and re-clean at no additional charge in case that after the inventory check is done, there are areas of concern and the landlord or the letting agency is not completely satisfied with the quality of the end of tenancy cleaning. By doing that, you can rest assured that you will definitely get the service that you pay for. The ultimate aim of an end of tenancy cleaning is to meet your landlord’s requirements and get your deposit returned. If you book a cleaning company to do your end of tenancy cleaning, you need to ensure that this result will be achieved.


Choosing a cleaning company to do your end of tenancy cleaning is something that you need to consider carefully and spend some time on if you want it to be done properly. Having a company that is experienced in a range of cleaning services, works with letting agencies and guarantees to return and re-clean in case of any concerns of your landlords significantly increases the chance that your moving out will go more smoothly and with one thing less to worry about.