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Helpful Tips for Saving Time while Doing the Laundry

Doing the laundry is not necessarily the favourite household task of everyone. In fact, many people can even be not bothered by this chore or even think of it as a quite enjoyable one. This is why the majority of us are often in a search of some useful tips and tricks that can make laundry days more bearable and ideas of an effective laundry routine.

So whenever you feel that the laundry makes you feel like a hamster struggling to keep up with the wheel of hectic life and millions of household chores, we would be happy to be able to provide you with these effective, useful, and very helpful tips, tricks, and professional recommendations. While we cannot promise that laundry days will turn into your most favourite ones from now on, the least we can do is guarantee that you will have some helpful practices and methods to assist you in streamlining the whole process. So here is how to save time when doing the laundry.

Laundry room organisation

A well-organised laundry room that is decluttered and free of everything you do not need around. On the other hand, everything you need and use often is within an easy reach. Now, this is a good formula for an effective laundry routine that will inspire you and help you be more productive.

Sort your laundry

Professionals recommend you to sort the laundry while you are in the process of collecting the dirty clothes and garments during the week. This means that you can have a few separate hampers or baskets and each of them will be dedicated to storing either lights, darks, or delicates. You can even consider having an “urgent” hamper for all the things that are used very often during the week and need to be washed quickly.

Do not allow piling up

One of the golden rules of every household task and chore is not letting the things that need to be done piling up. Taking small steps towards accomplishing the task is definitely more recommendable than attacking a pile of laundry at once at the end of the week. It is recommended to have a laundry schedule when you can dedicate a different day of the week to washing a different category of laundry. 

Declutter your wardrobe

This one is definitely a no-brainer. The less clothes you have at home, the less laundry you will need to do for sure. Make sure to go through each and every wardrobe and storage space in your home and purge everything that does not belong to your life and your lifestyle anymore.

Do not procrastinate sorting and folding

It could be very tempting to leave all the washed laundry to stay there and wait for the moment you have enough time, energy, and motivation to sort it and fold it but it is definitely not a good idea. Make sure to fold and hang all the washed clothes and other household fabrics as soon as they come out of the dryer. 

Do not waste your time

Doing the laundry is the perfect opportunity to utilize the time you spend in waiting in doing some other small tasks around the house. Put away the clean dishes or wipe down the kitchen countertops while you are waiting for the washer and the dryer. We are sure that you will be able to think of at least three other chores that need to be done on the top of your head so be productive and keep up with all the work around the house.