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Spring Cleaning Service

Spring Cleaning ServiceA spring cleaning service derives its name from the season we associate with cleanliness and renewal, taking care of everything surrounding us and decluttering everything we do not need and we do not use anymore. A deep and thorough maintenance of your home will involve paying attention to of every inch of the space so you can bring it back the shine, cosiness, and freshness up to a pleasing standard and often above and beyond your expectations.

Spring Cleaning Rates

Our rates for spring/ one-off domestic maintenance service is £15.60 per hour including cleaning products and equipment. Do you have your own products and equipment you would like us to use? Then the price of a one-off session excluding materials is as low as £13.20 per hour!

Our Cleaners

Experienced and vetted cleaners with whom we have established a long-term relationship will take care of your home and make sure to meet all your needs and requirements up to the highest standards in the industry. A custom-tailored approach is ensured to every client because we understand that each space has its specific needs and every homeowner has their specific preferences.

Spring Cleaning Tasks List

• Degrease, clean, and polish the oven, stove, microwave, countertops, extractor hood, tiles
• Defrost and clean the freezer and fridge inside and outside
• De-scale and clean the sink
• Clean inside/outside kitchen cupboards

• De-scale and clean sink
• De-scale and clean toilet and seat cover inside/outside
• De-scale and clean shower, shower doors, and the bathtub
• Wipe off and polish all the tiles
• Wipe off mirrors, shelves, drawers, countertops

Bedrooms and Living Rooms
• Clean windows (inside only), window frames
• Wipe off the  mirrors
• Sanitise and polish all surfaces
• Clean cobwebs
• Wipe off all doors and door frames
• Wipe off and sanitize all cupboards, drawers, and wardrobes both inside and outside
• Remove all litter
• Dusting all surfaces
• Vacuum and mop/steam mop
• Wipe off all skirting boards
• Wipe off the radiators
• Wipe off all light switches and sockets
• Dusting decorations and art pieces

Combine with Other Services

A spring cleaning session is not complete without the full house carpet and upholstery maintenance. Our carpet cleaners will make your high traffic areas look like new and get rid of spills and stubborn stains by improving the appearance and condition of your carpet and sanitise it so your children can crawl safely on it! Additional services like curtain, blind and mattress maintenance and sanitising are available. Please make sure to ask for discounts when booking several services at the same time or when you are recommending our company to a  friend!

Booking Requirements

A minimum of 4 hours per visit is required. A number of cleaners and hours according to the size of the property will be recommended and discussed prior with our company’s customer service team.