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Home Gym - How to Clean and Sanitise

Do you have a home gym? While this is a dream for many it remains somehow unknown to us how people manage to stay motivated to work out at home and not lay on the couch and watch TV instead! However, if you are a motivated human being and you are using your home gym for its purpose and not for a storage room/room where you can hang your clothes on the gym equipment, your home gym is most probably in need of a good cleaning and sanitising.

Staying in shape usually means sweating out those nasty cheat days and this is why a gym requires to be maintained extra clean, hygienic, and well-sanitised so you can prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria, neutralise the heavy smells, and make sure that this space of your home is extra tidy, convenient, and enjoyable to spend your time at.

Having a home gym may be a dream for many but it also means that there are more thing to clean and take care of around the house. Do not let this stop you from enjoying this area of your home because today we will provide you with a few simple and very effective steps of the cleaning and sanitising process.


A clean and dust-free air is a must in the area where you are working out. A high quality of indoor air is achieved with a good ventilation of the place and a regular dusting. Keep all the equipment dust-free by treating it with a microfibre cloth and the appropriate product at least once a week, ideally every time before using the home gym. Remove the dust thoroughly without missing a surface and do not forget all fans, lights, equipment, shelving, storage, and anything else around. Remember, the right way of dusting is from top to bottom and clockwise. While you are dusting take your time to make sure that all equipment hardware is sound.


Once you are done with dusting you can continue with wiping down all surfaces. Grab your favourite multi-purpose spray or a sanitising and cleaning product to wipe thoroughly the gym equipment. You can make your own sanitising version of off-the-shelf products by mixing water, vinegar, and baking soda. Whatever the product you choose just make sure it has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal purpose. It is even better if you have your cleaning product and microfibre cloth nearby the gym area to have them always on hand for a quick wipe down before and after use of the equipment.

Clean All Accessories

The accessories you use around the gym such as free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, stability balls, etc tend to pick up dirt and grime when you are using them so they need a good clean too. Prevent the dirt buildup by treating them regularly and thoroughly with warm soapy water and wiping them down with a microfiber cloth. You can use a second, clean, and dry cloth to wipe everything dry. Most of the yoga mats and bands are machine washable too so stick them into the washing machine regularly and do not forget to treat them accordingly to the manufacturer’s instructions. If mirrors are part of the interior of your home gym do not forget to give them a good clean regularly too.


You should have a supply of clean and dry towels all the time. It is even better if you have towels in a few different sizes, these come always on handy.

The Floor

Cleaning your gym floor accordingly to the manufacturer’s instructions depending on the material it is made out of is very important, especially considering that some workout sessions happen directly on the floor. Sweeping and vacuuming regularly is highly recommended, followed by a thorough mopping.