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House Cleaning Essentials

House Cleaning EssentialsOur home is our fortress and a good home maintenance skills are usually essential. My childhood memories are connected to mom doing her regular house cleaning on Saturday morning and somehow I acquired the habit only to lose it a few years later. Today my experience at a London-based cleaning company had shown me that the customers book their regular cleaning service on a Friday so they can enjoy a sparkling clean, cosy, and comfortable domestic environment during their weekend and use their spare time for more pleasant activities.

In case you think that your overall budget is on the lower side and you cannot afford to hire a professional domestic maintenance company, you can try and carry out the maintenance and tidying up of your space on your own. The expert recommendation for you is to pay extra attention to your kitchen and bathroom as priority tasks if your time is limited and you still want to enjoy a rare and precious sunny London day. Hygiene plays an important role in your family’s health. Regular cleaning of contact surfaces such as toilet seats, handles, bath, and basin surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet reduces the risk of spreading of germs and bacteria.

Germs can survive in the scum on the baths and wash basins for a long time. A thorough cleaning is a necessity for prevention from fungal infections. Mould that lives on walls, floor tiles, and on the shower curtains is responsible for infections, allergic reactions, deterioration of surfaces, and unpleasant odours. Common spots of fungal growth are carpets and soft furnishings where our professional carpet and upholstery cleaners can help as well. In case you are not willing to spend a lot of money on a professional maintenance service but you still want to professional results, make sure to decide which tasks and chores you can carry out yourself and invest only in these tasks that require a bit more knowledge, skills, and a professional equipment.