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Decluttering: 10 Items to Throw Away Right Now!

Now it is the right time to spill the beans and be honest – when was the last time you have hopped onto the decluttering wagon? Last spring? Last year? Never?! You know what they say about decluttering, right, it not only helps you have a clean and tidy house, but also a tidy mind. There is no wonder that many people simply get addicted to the magic of decluttering and there is nothing bad about that. In fact, decluttering is always a start of a positive change and very beneficial for every member of the family! So before your hoarding heart starts shaking head in denial of the beneficial magic of tidying up and decluttering, give it a chance and try it for yourself. Then thank us later! 

Instead of giving all the attention to spring cleaning and decluttering, why not turn to tidy up into your routine throughout the whole year? This approach will help you have a clean, tidy, and extra cosy home all year round. Here is a short checklist of the 10 most common items we do not need in the house anymore:

Spices and herbs

Well, well, spices and herbs are things around the house that tend to gather and collect with the help of a magic wand and out of nowhere. However, we usually forget to take a look at them and make sure to throw away everything expired and old. Are you sure that you still need this 7-year-old package with the exotic (unknown) spice you have brought back from your last trip to Morocco? Well, we doubt it! Simply think of the last time you have used all those forgotten spices while cooking and you will find the answer to what you should keep and what goes into the bin.

Refrigerator and freezer

These cool storage systems for your food often tend to turn into black holes that suck in all sorts of unexpected and unknown containers and packages with food. However, keeping expired and nasty food in the refrigerator and freezer is not simply gross, but even unhealthy and unsafe.

Food cabinet

Come one, everyone has this cabinet (or a pantry) full of food cans and all sorts of food stocks to help you survive a war or two, but do you need all this food? Especially if the majority of it is already expired and nasty? 

Seasonal shoes

Take a look at the shoe rack of your closet. Then gather in one place all of the shoes you own. Remember the last time you have worn all these sandals last summer and the last time you have worn all the boots in winter. Then make sure to get rid of all the shoes you have not worn in the last year and make some place for new additions you will love and wear more often. Everything in good condition you can donate or sell.


Come one, who needs 10 pairs of swimsuits and bikinis? No one! We girls are that kind of creatures that love buying a new swimsuit or two every summer and we suddenly forget about the whole arsenal of old bikinis in the back of the closet. Not is the perfect time to go through all your summer collection and get rid of all the old pairs you haven’t worn for a long time.

Seasonal clothes

There are a few approaches and methods you can use to clean out your closet and narrow it down to your favourite, most comfortable, and most loved pieces only. First of all, get rid of everything with holes and stains you cannot remove. Continue with everything that does not fit you anymore. Go through the sentimental pieces you have stored for decades and try to say goodbye to as many of them as possible. Then continue with going through each clothing item and ask yourself a few questions. Does it spark joy? Have I worn this pieces within the last year? Would I buy this piece again if I was shopping at the moment? If the answer to all these questions is no, then you probably do not need it in your closet.


We guess that your kids have a mountain (or a whole mountain chain) formed out of old, unwanted, and broken toys. Well, in case you don’t live in a mansion or a castle, you probably do not have enough space at home for a whole mountain, right? Why not get rid of it. Make sure to declutter the toys with your kids and this will help them understand the benefits of decluttering and appreciating the things you already have.

Old magazines and books

Not exactly very clear why, but many people tend to hoard old magazines and it becomes harder and harder for them to get rid of all these old papers. The same applies to old books. However, in case this is not a favourite book or a magazine you read over and over again, at least once a month, why do you need all these unused towers of paper and gossips? Get rid of them and declutter the space for new additions.

The drawers in our bedroom

Just like with the refrigerator, all the drawers in your bedroom tend to turn into black holes sucking in all sorts of odds and ends – curvy grips, hand lotions, books, glasses, coasters, and everything else you can imagine. Do not forget to go through all these miscellaneous drawers next time you are decluttering the house.

Old products in the bathroom

Without a doubt, there is at least one product you keep in your bathroom without using it. However, for the most people 20 unused products is the bare minimum. Instead of filling in your bathroom cabinets with products and tools you will never use again, it will be better to throw away everything.