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Top Cleaning Tips for Summer

Top Cleaning Tips for SummerSummertime is the best time of the year for the majority of the people. The weather is nice and pleasant, the sun is out, days are longer, all you want to do is enjoy your free time and think as less as possible for all sorts of tasks and chores. However, even in the summertime, your home needs some attention and care. In fact, summertime could be an especially challenging time when it comes to domestic cleaning. Despite the many perks and positives of the amazing time outside and the longer days, summertime domestic cleaning comes with its own unique challenges. There is nothing to worry about, however, because following some professional recommendations and help can make a lot of difference, even though you are most probably not willing to spend your entire time in scrubbing and vacuuming. On the other hand, some expert guidance can help you a lot in saving time and be more efficient with your cleaning routine!

Despite the fact that domestic cleaning is most probably not on top of your priority list in the summertime, it is still something that needs to be tackled down. In fact, for the most time, summer season comes with its own specific requirements and needs in terms of maintaining your home in the best condition. While going on a holiday or having guests for the weekend or even longer will require you to maintain your home in a presentable, welcoming, and cosy condition and appearance, kinds being on a summer school break and spending the entire day at home is even more challenging.

Kids are kids and you can expect a lot from them once they start spending the entire day at home – crafty messes and toys all around the house, grass and mud stains on your favourite carpet and upholstered furniture, melted blobs of chocolate ice cream, toys strewn outside and then back inside the house, and much more. While all these may sound like a summer fun-killers, there are some simple yet very effective ways to maintain your home clean and tidy during the summer months and forget about the stress and hassle!

Outside Cleaning and Tidying up

When speaking of summertime cleaning, the basic maintenance routine should involve around cleaning your way from outside to the inside of the house, which means that you should start with a regular maintenance of the patio, entryway, deck, or porch. Starting with taking care of the outside areas will not only make them feel more comfortable, pleasant, and enjoyable to spend your time at but also will prevent dirt, dust, and grime entering the house. An effective and quick cleaning routine, in this case, would include keeping the walkways and stairs decluttered and clear of debris and dust. Once the area you are focusing on is clear and clutter-free you can continue with sweeping away leaves, grass clippings, and all other sorts of debris. If you can leaving plants for decoration make sure you do not forget to water them regularly and keep them trimmed and clean.

In case you have outdoor furniture you would also like to clean and maintain it too. Make sure you are following the manufacturer’s instructions when doing so because your strategy and method depend on the type of material of the furniture whether it will be fabric, wood, plastic, metal. In case you find rust on the metal parts of the furniture, make sure to sand it, then rinse it and finally apply a fresh coat of paint.

Keep the Dirt Outside

Keeping as much of the dirt as possible outside is a key moment for a good maintenance of the entire house and for making sure you are not overwhelmed by too many chores and tasks around the house. The best solution is asking everyone entering the house to leave their footwear outside. Anyway, if you are not a fan of this idea or no one is willing to follow this house rule, we recommend you to invest into high-quality doormats you should place on the entryway so it can “catch” the majority of the dirt and debris.

Clean the Interior and Keep it Simple

Once the outside area of your home is tackled properly it should be pretty much easier and less time-consuming to take care of the interior. One of the best summertime cleaning tips is to not allow the smaller jobs to turn into major tasks and rather attack them immediately. Whenever you notice a problem, make sure to spot clean it and this will save you a lot of time, stress, and efforts later on. In order to avoid scrubbing and wiping all day long here are some simple and efficient steps to follow:

  • Keep your focus on the little jobs you have to tackle for the day and do not allow them to grow into major projects.
  • Make sure that each member of the family is assigned with some sort of an age-appropriate task. Once the whole family help with maintaining the house tidy and clean, everyone will appreciate their free time more even later on.
  • Ask everyone to quickly wipe down the bathroom once they are done using it. This simple trick will prevent mould, mildew, and dirt from accumulating.
  • Make sure to have a daily (or weekly) cleaning routine that includes everyone in the family such as vacuuming, sweeping, doing the laundry, tidying up and making the bed, emptying the garbage, etc. Remind everyone that many hands make light work and everyone will be able to enjoy more free time for hobbies and relaxing this way.
  • Have everyone pick up their things after themselves.