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More Ideas for Using a Clothes Steamer

Alternative Uses for a Clothes SteamerIf you are lucky enough to own a clothes steamer you know the convenience and comfort of having an effective tool on hand that can quickly handle the wrinkles on your clothes whenever you are in a rush. However, do you know that there are some alternative uses to your steam cleaner and you can utilise this wonderful tool in so many different ways to be helpful around the house? That is right and you will be really impressed by the so many ways you can utilise the garment steamer and incorporate it into your everyday cleaning and tidying up routine.

One thing important to remember before starting to incorporate the power of a clothes steamer into your cleaning routine is always performing a spot test, whenever you are using the tool for a fabric or a hard surface. Make sure it is a spot that is out of plain sight in a hidden place. This way you will make sure that in case of some kind of issue you won’t ruin the whole item/surface.

Steam Your Sofa

Vacuuming your upholstered sofa and couch every now and then is highly recommended so you can maintain these furniture pieces free of dust, crumbs, and other sorts of dirt. However, vacuuming is usually not enough for getting rid of stubborn stains and spots out of the fabric. This is when a garment steamer can be very useful and often solve such problems with minimal efforts. However, before you start treating a spot with the power of steam, make sure to check out the tags on the furniture cushions first so you can make sure the fabric or material can be treated with water and steam.

Drive Dirt from Drapes

Maintaining curtains and drapes clean and fresh could be very challenging and it is often a task we prefer to neglect due to the efforts, energy, and time it requires. However, using a clothes steamer to freshen up and drive the dirt from the curtains and drapes is a very efficient and easy method you can finish within a couple of hours for the whole house. 

Remove Dirt from Rugs and Carpets

Professional carpet and rug cleaning are a great service but not necessarily something you can do anytime you spot a stubborn stain or dirt buildup. This is when a garment steamer comes in handy. In a nutshell, professional carpet and rug treatments also utilise the power of steam, however, by using more powerful machines and equipment. But the clothes steamer can make a serious difference too and be very effective for spot cleaning. 

Sanitise the Countertops and Kitchen Surfaces

Kitchen surfaces and countertops are one of the areas in the house that need a detailed, thorough, and often extra cleaning and sanitising. Keeping up with perfect cleanliness and tidiness in your kitchen is important and a clothes steamer can help you a lot. The tool not only helps for loosening up the stubborn dirt buildup but also for sanitising the surfaces and getting rid of germs, bacteria, and allergens. 

Kill Kitchen Grease and Grit

Back to the kitchen and the many uses of a garment steamer in this area of the house. Cleaning some serious grease buildups as those on the oven top and other grease spatters around the kitchen can be very challenging. However, the powerful steam of the tool is great for loosening the stuck-on grease, dirt, and gunk.

Get Rid of the Bathroom Grime

The garment steamer can be as effective in the bathroom as it is in the kitchen for cleaning the place to perfection by loosening as sorts of dirt and grime and for providing you with a great sanitisation and by helping you get rid of germs, bacteria, and allergens.