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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Services LondonChoosing a proper upholstery cleaning company to suit your needs is, by no means, an easy task. Sprint Cleaning will restore the beauty and extend the life of your fabric and leather sofa, sanitise mattresses, and bring the colour back to old curtains. Our company offers a high-quality upholstery maintenance service tailored to your own needs and preferences. Our upholstery maintenance team is available 7 days a week, so we can effectively arrange a session in a time-saving manner for a flawless treatment of your sofa, armchairs, or curtains to fit your schedule and everyday routine. All upholstery will be carefully inspected prior to sanitizing and hygiene treatment and we will then select the most suitable method depending on the type of fabric and texture, taking thorough and in-depth care to protect the floor and surrounding furniture.

Regular upholstery cleaning prevents the accumulation of dust, grime, allergens, and bacteria and not only protects your soft furnishing but also extends their life. Upholstery faces a lot of wear and tear, which may be excessive in the case of large families and high traffic areas of the house. It is therefore of a crucial importance that a professional upholstery maintenance session is ensured periodically to guarantee that all furniture pieces are treated properly and maintained as often as needed. In fact, utilising upholstery covers for your furniture will certainly protect and extend their life, but not many people are keen on this option since covers hide all the beauty of the furniture pieces you are happy with and enjoy looking at. This is why a professional approach is a much better solution you should opt for.

Our upholstery service is carried out with the help of a professional equipment, using 100% non-harmful, safe for the health, and environmentally friendly products. We take pride in the exceptional upholstery service we deliver and the flawless, long-lasting results we are able to achieve. We make sure that our upholstery maintenance team is well-trained in delivering an array of stain removal techniques helping them to handle a variety of stains and spots. Just before we start working on your project we will first inspect and test the fabrics and textures of the furnishing, analyse the specifics of the fibres, and the response of the stains to the products’ chemicals and active agents in order to find the most suitable method.

Our cleaners have undergone rigorous training in sofa, armchair, leather sofa and mattress sanitising and care, which gives them the knowledge of how to handle any fabric, so you can be sure you are in safe hands. Sprint Cleaning guarantees that our professional upholstery maintenance team will take a good care of your upholstered pieces while providing you with a performance of the highest standard. In order to make sure that all corners and nooks are perfectly sanitised and fresh, our operatives use specially designed tools to treat hard-to-reach areas. We know what is best for your upholstery, so just give us a call at 02070360626 and let us handle the maintenance and leave your home with a sense of freshness and comfort.