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Sofa & Armchairs Cleaning

Sofa & Armchairs CleaningWe know that with the economy going through a bad patch it's really hard to recommend spending money on getting new sofas, chairs etc furniture in case your existing ones are still fully functional. Why not just have them properly cleaned? We can clean and bring back life to any sofa or any furniture for that matter. We can restore their beauty in a snap and you don't have to shell out big money on getting a new one. Our Sprint Cleaning teams use only advanced cleaning methods, 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-hazardous products and machinery on the cutting edge of technology. Our cleaners are experienced, skilled, polite and proficient in all of the latest stain removal techniques. Having sparkling and perfectly looking furniture once again cannot get any easier, just give us a call at 02070360626, Sprint Cleaning is here to help.

Having your sofas and chairs cleaned on regular will keep them in top-notch condition, extend their life and make them look fresh. Our teams are proficient in various stain removal techniques and will leave your sofas and armchairs in pristine condition. We use both steam and dry cleaning depending on the material of your furniture and the nature of the stain itself. Our cleaners will always analyze the structure of the stained material and the chemical composition of the stain itself, so they can remove it quickly and effectively, using a range of professional, non-hazardous cleaning materials.

Sprint Cleaning invests in professional cleaners with profound knowledge on any type of fabric, from genuine leather to the most delicate fibres, using specially designed tools for gentle cleaning of all folds and cracks. We employ a similar methodology to clean upholstery and carpets, usually referred to as steam cleaning. Our upholstery cleaning system involves the use of specially formulated pH-balancing fibre rinse that removes cleaning solution residue along with any deep-down dirt, leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh-smelling fabric. We additionally provide a special protection treatment for your upholstery that extends its life and makes it much easier to maintain.