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One-Off Cleaning

One-off Cleaning LondonSprint Cleaning is a professional cleaning service company providing residential maintenance and domestic visits to households in London and surrounding areas at the highest standard and committed to meet the individual requirements and needs of every customer with a tailored approach. Our domestic services and treatments are available in all areas within London. All experienced and skilful cleaners who are members of our company have undergone a professional domestic maintenance training to ensure that we keep up with the reputation of a reliable and trustworthy company you can contact whenever you are in a need.

We take pride in our members who treat each client with respect and a great care, contributing to the reputation of a maintenance firm with best practices and traditions in the industry. Our domestic cleaning team works with the highest quality professional cleaning products and equipment only, all of them environmentally friendly, non-harmful, and extra safe for your health. The domestic services we offer are available as a one-off session or on a regular and daily basis, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, so we can make sure that there will be always an option and a visit that fits your schedule and the routine you are used to. You can specify the time, the frequency, and the duration of the maintenance visits you need and our customer service team will make sure to assist you with recommending the most effective routine plan that guarantees your home looks and feels flawless, cosy, and comfortable.

We appreciate the fact that every home is different and that is why we train our domestic cleaning service providers to be flexible and work toward the specific requirements of our clients by meeting their individual needs and preferences. When booking a professional house treatment with us you can let us know if there are any specific areas or items in your home that require a more thorough and in-depth attention and care or any areas that you don't want us to take care of. By practising this customer-tailored approach to each project and every client we make sure that the sessions we offer are super effective and you can make the most from our visit. Thanks to this approach you are getting not only a great treatment for your house but you are able to save money too.

We try to be very careful and attentional while providing a high-quality domestic service to your home. Nevertheless, Sprint Cleaning has a comprehensive and fully insured business practice which guarantees that all grounds are covered in case of an accident. Our domestic cleaners are dedicated to meeting your requirements and exceeding your expectations. You can carry out your daily activities and be assured that your home is in safe and professionally trained hands. Do you have any additional questions? Simply make sure to give us a call at 02070360626 and we will be happy to discuss all details and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.