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After Builders Cleaning

After Builders CleaningConstructional work, decoration and renovation of your house always result in a lot of dust and dirt being left in your home. Having a professional after builders cleaning ensures that you can have your property looking just the way you want. Sprint Cleaning provides high quality after builders cleaning in both domestic and commercial buildings. Our trained and experienced teams if after builders cleaners will clean and refresh your property so that you can enjoy living in a dust free and sanitised home. After builders cleaning involves dusting of all surfaces, mopping floors and doors and vacuuming.

Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services are also available on your request and at an affordable additional cost. Whether you are an individual who has just had his home refurbished or you are a developer who needs to have a property cleaned after the builders have left, we can arrange a professional and thorough after builders cleaning solution. We appreciate how important it is for you to have your home perfectly clean and we pay a great attention when we provide after builders cleaning in order to achieve outstanding results.

We have designed a list of after building cleaning tasks to ensure that the whole place is well cleaned and sanitised, but you can also specify any other personal requirements and we will target those areas as well. After builders cleaning equipment can also be provided by us for your convenience. After builders cleaning list:


  •     Cleaning all kitchen cupboards inside and outside
  •     Cleaning all countertops
  •     Cleaning microwave, oven and hob inside and outside
  •     Cleaning fridge and freezer inside and outside
  •     Cleaning kitchen sink
  •     Cleaning walls above sink and stove
  •     Vacuuming and mopping floors
  •     Emptying, cleaning and disinfecting all bins


  •     Cleaning windows and window frames
  •     Washing tiles/walls, bathtub, shower doors and showers
  •     Cleaning and disinfecting toilets and seat covers
  •     Cleaning sink
  •     Polishing mirrors and wiping shelves
  •     Cleaning cabinets in and outside
  •     Emptying, cleaning and disinfecting all bins
  •     Mopping and disinfecting floors

Common Premises:

  •     Dusting and wiping all light fixtures
  •     Wiping all radiators
  •     Cleaning all wardrobes, drawers, cupboards, and shelves inside and outside
  •     Dusting and wiping baseboards
  •     Wiping window sills and ledges
  •     Cleaning windows (inside only) and blinds
  •     Wiping doors and frames
  •     Vacuuming and mopping floors and

We have created a strong positive reputation among our clients and our goal is to keep the highest level of cleaning service quality in future.