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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa CleaningKeeping your sofa clean will extend the life of your sofa. Regular sofa cleaning is important, especially if you have kids or pets. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt and soil and make sure that you also clean the cracks of the sofa. You may use a solution of detergent and warm water to remove light stains. Apply a small amount of the mixture on a cloth and then rub into a part of the sofa that is dirty. When the dirt has been removed, use a clean cloth to take out excess moisture.

If your sofa is very dirty or the stains are stubborn and won't disappear, you might need to seek professional help. Professional upholstery cleaning is done by using hot water extraction or dry cleaning. Professional upholstery cleaning removes all dust and gems from your sofa.

Hot water extraction is suitable for most types of upholstery and is more commonly used. Cleaning material mixed with hot water is sprayed into the carpet at a high pressure and immediately vacuumed off, extracting the solution together with the dirt from the sofa.

If an excess of moisture is likely to cause damage to the upholstery, the dry cleaning method is recommended. If your furniture is leather covered, it is essential that you have it properly cleaned on regular basis to remove dirt and oils. Wipe your leather sofa with a damp cloth at least once every two weeks to keep it clean and maintain the optimal moisture level in the leather.