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Treating Silk Carpets

Silk is an extremely delicate material and silk carpets require extra caution. The most effective way of cleaning silk carpets is dry cleaning.  It is recommended that you hire a professional cleaner at least once every two years, depending on use. Silk is a very sensitive fibre and might get permanently damaged if exposed to too high temperature or excessive humidity.

Regular vacuuming is important since it keeps your silk carpet properly maintained and clean. Spills on silk carpets should be carefully blotted (not rubbed) with a towel. Do not use any chemicals to treat stains on silk carpets. You may spray a solution of warm water and white vinegar on the stained area before you call in professional cleaners to deal with the problem. It is very important not to use too much water and over saturate your silk carpet, because this may cause a permanent damage.

Dry-cleaning implies spreading of a compound that looks like wet sawdust over your carpet where the dirt adheres to it. It is then extracted together with the dirt via vacuuming.