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Pressure Marks on Carpets and How to Remove Them

All carpet cleaning experts come across a variety of issues, problems, and imperfections related to the carpets and rugs during their practice. One of the most common imperfections you can stumble upon when having a carpet happens on a newly installed carpet when the cardboard pole used to facilitate the transportation leaves pressure marks on the textured surface of the carpet or a rugHowever, there is nothing to worry about because such a damage is not a permanent one and can be easily tackled down. Professional carpet cleaners can remove these marks by a treating the affected areas gently with steam which relaxes the fibres and helps them get back to their initial shape and condition. Subsequently, the affected areas can be groomed for a complete and uniform appearance, if needed. The most common pressure marks are left by heavy furniture and objects that are placed permanently in a certain place. These pressure marks often happen because of a cheaper carpet underlay which breaks under the furniture’s weight.

Depending on the weight of the furniture piece and for how long it has sat on the carpet on one particular place, it may cause dents not only on the carpet’s surface but also on the underlay. When the furniture piece has been placed for too long in one place you can expect that bringing back the shape of the fibres to their initial one becomes harder and requires more work and attention. Even after professional carpet cleaning these dents could remain as noticeable or become even more obvious due to the fact that a soil removing treatment will most probably fluff up the fibres of the market in the non-affected areas and cause a significant contrast.

Make sure to ask the carpet cleaning team to try wetting the areas of pressure marks and dents, preferably with hot water and then brush them off. Allow the water to reach the underlay and the backing of the carpet in order to relieve compression. Traces left by really heavy furniture pieces and objects may remain permanent, this is why professionals recommend re-locating furniture pieces every now and then if possible to prevent marks and dents on your carpet.