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Oriental Rugs Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your oriental rug is important to maintain their quality and beauty. Although professional oriental rug cleaning is sometimes the only way to clean your rugs, there are several things you can do to extend their life and keep them in great condition. Regular vacuuming is essential, but be careful not to vacuum the fringe which can get easily damaged.

If a liquid is spilt out, remove it immediately by using a spoon or spatula and tamp the rug with an absorbent cloth. Excess of water may cause mildew growth, so it's crucial that you dry the rug right away after being wetted. Try not to expose your rug to bright sunlight, as its colours will fade quickly. Depending on its use, professional cleaning is recommended every one to two years.

The professional cleaning of oriental rugs usually involves several steps. Dust and dirt are first loosened as much as possible by specifically designed agents. The rugs are then washed by hand because a machine can destroy the fine fabric. It is crucial that the correct cleaning material is chosen. Having an oriental rug contributes to the beauty and comfort of your home and it can last for a long time if maintained it properly.