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Cabinet Organisation Tips

Maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen is definitely not the easiest job in the world. The kitchen space is often called the "heart and soul" of the home because this is one of the places where a lot of time is spent on many households out there. Considering the great use of the kitchen space, naturally, yours cannot look flawless and extra organised the whole time. However, following an effective and regular organisation strategy is the key to not having to deal with piles of stuff all the time. 

Just take your time and think of all the items hiding in the kitchen drawers and cabinets you never use. We guarantee that you will think of at least a few at first. Having enough storage space in your kitchen is great for organising and keep hidden all the dishes, utensils, tools and gadgets, pots, pans, glasses and cups, bowls, towels, kitchen supplies, food and spices, coffee and tea, and a pretty much mile-long list of more things. However, with so many things filling up your kitchen cabinets and drawers to the brim, spending your time in the kitchen and cooking becomes a more and more stressful experience. In case you find yourself frustrated and annoyed every time you open a kitchen cabinet, here are a few simple and effective steps to help you maintain your kitchen extra tidy and organised.

Decluttering and Purging

Before you can even start planning how to organise your kitchen cabinets and drawers, decluttering them and eliminating everything you do not need or you cannot use anymore is the first and most important step. Duplicate and broken items, tools you have never touched, expired food, cans, and spices – everything should be off the cabinet so you can have enough space to further tidy up and organise.

Making sure you eliminate everything you do not need anymore is your guarantee that you will never feel stressed and frustrated when opening the cabinets anymore. Toss out everything that is broken and too old and the rest of the unwanted items can be either sold or donated/given to family members, friends, people in need. Do not forget to do the same with all small appliances that may lay hidden in the back of the cabinet. You definitely do not need two toasters or coffee machines, right?

Grouping and Arranging

Once you are done with emptying out the inside of all kitchen cabinets and drawers and deciding on what is going to stay and what is going to leave your kitchen, you can continue with grouping and arranging your kitchen cabinets. Ideally, you will have enough cabinets and drawers to make sure that each of the groups of items has their own space. However, if you do not have enough space you don’t have to worry because a good organisation can make wonders even for small kitchens.

Make sure you are grouping the items in a sensible way for you and your family. For example, under the sink cabinet is normally dedicated to cleaning tools and products, the cabinets near the oven and stove are good for storing all items you may need during the cooking process, etc. In addition, place all things you are using regularly in a space that is easy to reach and leave the stuff you are using only from time to time for the back of the cabinet or the upper shelves that are not that easy to reach. 

Invest in cabinet organisers

Once all the cabinets are empty and clean, all the items are grouped into categories, and all the storage space is strategically and purposefully divided into convenient zones, you can start considering investing in some cabinet organisation accessories that can save you a lot of space and make the interior of the cabinet extra tidy, functional, and convenient to use. Kitchen cabinet organisers come in many shapes, forms, and types and you need to decide for yourself what is the best working system for your household and what you actually need.

  • You can place hooks on cabinet doors for storing measuring cups, spice racks, etc.
  • The back walls of a kitchen cabinet are often wasted space that remains unused. Installing hooks or a shelving system is a great way to utilize this space.
  • Do you have or do you consider having shelves installed in your kitchen cabinets? This is a great way to ensure even more storage room and you can use the under-shelf space by placing baskets or containers.
  • Stackable acrylic or wire shelving is a great way to utilise the space and especially functional and useful for kitchens with not enough storage space. Such accessories are also great for awkward and hard to reach spaces.
  • A slide out bins and containers guarantee that you will have an easier access to all the items that otherwise remain forgotten in the depth of the cabinet.
  • A few different and very functional organisation systems for plastic bags, sponges, scrubbers, and more are available on the market. Make sure to invest in these and you will be surprised with how much of a difference these make.
  • Drawer inserts and dividers are a great way to dedicate a special space to the different groups of items you are storing. 
  • A pullout rack for your spaces is a very convenient way to have an easy and quick access to them. In case you have enough space and you would like to have a good organization system for the oils, souses, and vinegar, a turntable is a very useful solution.
  • The drawers where pots, pans, and lids are stored are usually the one that gets messy the most easily. A great way to keep them extra organised is by installing tiered shelving.


Stacking when storing the items is a great way to make sure that everything is in a right place in groups and you will get additional kitchen cabinet space. Stacking is recommended for glasses and cups, pans and pots, the dishes, of course, and even the containers and boxes where you store different smaller items. Store all heavy items and smaller appliances in the lower compartments and cabinets which will make reaching them and pulling them out of the cabinet easier. 


Once you are done with going through this long and detailed process of perfectly organising all your kitchen storage space, make sure to avoid the cabinets and drawers becoming a mess very soon by ensuring a proper and regular maintenance.