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How to Get Rid of Make Up Traces

Makeup can put a shine on a woman’s face but it gets really annoying when smudged on all kind of fabrics, textures, and upholstery around the house. Our domestic cleaners may have a really difficult time removing all sorts of traces of makeup from your carpet, rugs, curtains, upholstery, etc. However, following the experts' recommendations and tips on how to remove makeup traces can save you a lot of time and the elbow grease required for removing stubborn stains.

The best way of cleaning up cream-textured traces is with the help of scraping off excess carefully without spreading it around. Start with the outer perimeter and work your way inwards to the centre of the stain. Use hot water as long as the fabric allows it and scrub of lightly using an old toothbrush. Using this simple method will help you prevent the makeup stain to spread around. Just make sure you are not putting too much effort, otherwise, you risk damaging the fibres of the fabric. Use a tiny bit of a common domestic cleaning product, baking soda is a good solution, and then wash away the residue, preferably with a bio washing powder. Powder makeup usually settles in the fabrics, so you can start by vacuuming it.

Rinse away any leftover traces with the help of cold water and rub a few drops of dishwashing liquid onto the spot. Make sure the dishwashing detergent is not with a bright colour as there is a risk of colouring the fabric permanently. Finish off with a quick wash with clear cold water. Hair dye stains are one of the hardest to remove and an immediate cleaning once these are noticed is needed. Soak the stain in cold water and then rub it out without putting too much elbow grease to prevent damaging the fabric.

Dishwashing liquid can help get the stains out or alternatively you can use white vinegar mixed with lemon juice that will bleach the stain. Lipstick and mascara stains are yet another challenge in the process of domestic cleaning. Start with scraping off the excess. Next, you need to wet the spots with warm water, then rub off with a dishwashing liquid. Finally, you need to scrub off any residue with clear water and a clean cloth or rug.

And if you are wondering whether or not you have to clean the makeup stains yourself or you better hire a professional upholstery and carpet cleaning service, we would advise you to do the latter one. For booking a service at Sprint Cleaning give us a call at 02070360626.