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How to Clean Your Freezer

How to Clean Your FreezerOnce in a while, the freezer requires some attention and care in the shape of defrosting and cleaning up in case that you would like to keep it functioning properly and living up to the highest hygiene and disinfection standards. Defrosting the freezer every now and then is very important, otherwise, ice builds up inside and leaves no space for food storage. Before you or your domestic cleaner starts the defrosting and sanitising process, just make sure you have all the needed supplies on hand, including an empty bucket, a container with warm soapy water or another cleaning product, a spatula, and plenty of clean towels and cloths.

Start with emptying out your freezer and putting all the products in a cooler or another appropriate container filled with ice. Then you can switch off the freezer. Put some towels at the bottom of the freezer and in front of it to catch all the spills from the melting ice. Defrosting may take up several hours so make sure you leave the ice melt completely before carrying out with cleaning the appliance. You may use a spatula to remove big chunks of ice to avoid the melting and dripping as much as possible. In case you decide to use a spatula, you should be careful and make sure you prevent scratching the interior of the freezer.

Then put all the collected ice into an empty bucket. After taking all the ice out, get rid of any debris from the bottom of the freezer. Next, you can use warm water mixed with a cleaning product and wipe off all the sides and the bottom of the interior. Take out any shelves and drawers and scrub them clean in the sink. Wash the freezer door both inside and out along with all exterior surfaces. Rinse off everything with clear water and take away the soggy towels. Dry all the surfaces with a towel and put the clean drawers and shelves back in place.

You can finally put all the food back, placing heavier items on the bottom. Ask your house cleaner to keep an eye on the ice built up in the freezer and repeat this procedure as often as your freezer needs it. You can book a regular cleaning service either weekly or fortnightly and you will get complimentary freezer cleaning as part of the service.