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How to Clean the Toilet Bowl

How to Clean the Toilet BowlThe toilet bowl should be cleaned on a regular basis, and it shouldn’t be that difficult if you keep up with the cleaning. No one likes to clean toilets but it has to be done. You don’t want it to look disgusting, smell bad, or be a place where germs like to breed. You do not need a professional cleaning service for that and the guidelines below should help you make your toilet clean and germ-free.

Equipment for the cleaning

  •     Bucket
  •     Soap scum and mildew remover
  •     Disinfectant sprays
  •     Scrub brush
  •     Sponges
  •     Rags or paper towels
  •     Rubber gloves, if you use them

Firstly gather all your cleaning supplies in the bucket and carry them to the bathroom. Getting your supplies ready beforehand will be easier and less distracting. Open the window, if there is one, or turn on a fan to ventilate your bathroom. It’s for you not to inhale the fumes as you are cleaning the bathroom toilet. Remove items on top of the toilet and place them on the sink, you will wash them after finishing with the toilet bowl.

Let the seat up and spray inside of the toilet bowl and under the rim. Leave it to soak till you take the sponge and wipe down the toilet, around the tank, the lid, seat, and the sides and base of the toilet. Take the toilet brush and scrub thoroughly inside the toilet bowl and under the rim also. Repeat until all stains are gone and then flush the toilet.

Use the domestic cleaning spray on the seat. Wipe it dry and then put the seat down. The toilet handle is where the germs are easily spread, and it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Use disinfectant spray and spray the bathroom toilet handle, then wipe it dry. Spray the items, which were on the top of the tank, carefully. Wipe them dry and, then, put them back on the tank.

Your toilet bowl is now clean and germ-free. Cleaning your toilet bowl on a weekly basis will help make your job a lot easier to handle. Gather your cleaning equipment and repeat the same procedure above for the next bathroom in your house.