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How to Clean Countertops

Professional domestic cleaners are not the only ones who know the importance of maintaining kitchen countertops clean, sanitised, and hygienic. Start with wiping up the spills. Most of the countertops can be cleaned with an all-purpose product. Do not use abrasive products in order to avoid scratches. Disinfect the countertops with a product designed to sanitise and next make sure to wipe them with a clean damp cloth. In case the countertops are made out of stone, wood, or other natural materials, always make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance first and follow them to prevent a permanent damage. Keep away acidic liquids and food that can leave a permanent stain, or place plastic or paper pads on the shelves to prevent stains and damage if necessary.

How to clean granite countertops 

Clean your granite countertops with a sponge and a dishwashing liquid. Avoid using ammonia or any other sort of harsh chemicals for treating and disinfecting the granite countertops.

How to clean wooden countertops 

Ask your domestic cleaners to use baking soda and a sponge to remove stubborn stains and dirt from the surface of wooden countertops and shelves. Use a dishwashing liquid and a scrubber to remove bacteria. Finish off with a sanitising product for a flawless cleanliness and high-quality hygiene. Do not use too harsh abrasive products on wood as you are most probably going to damage its finish. Baking soda will do the magic trick and still be gentle to the finish and to wood.

How to clean marble countertops 

Due to its specific structure, marble countertops stain easily. So it is very important that you or your domestic cleaners wipe off any spills immediately or as soon as these are noticed. Ammonia can remove grease from the marble countertops. Follow up with rinsing and drying up with a clean and dry cloth.

Make sure to inform yourself further about the proper sealants suitable for all types of countertops and apply them periodically. The proper maintenance will help you make sure your countertops are not only clean and disinfected but also protected from wear and tear and other sorts of issues.