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How to Clean a Bath Tub

Even if you have booked a regular domestic cleaning service delivered to your home frequently, there are some tips you can use to prevent mildew, mould, and dirt build up in your bathroom. The best way is to keep a window open while taking a shower or have the exhaust fan on. The good ventilation during and after showering will keep away condensation and mildew formation. In case you have not cleaned the house and taken care of the bathroom for while, but you would like to tackle down the bathtub and make it sparkling clean and disinfected, start with rinsing it off with clear water only and removing hairs from the drain regularly after every use, finishing off with wiping the bathtub with a dry cloth.

It may take some more minutes you can use for something else when you are out of the shower, but it will make such a significant difference in the overall condition and hygiene of the bathroom while ensuring your next deep bathroom cleaning will not require too much energy, time, and elbow grease. A thorough and detailed weekly cleaning and maintenance of the bathtub can be expected by a reliable and professional domestic cleaning team visiting your home.

Bathtub disinfecting and maintenance is better to be done straight after showering as the steam will help the cleaning process to be quicker and more efficient as the dirt and mould will get loose. If you have a fibreglass tub make sure to use a soft cloth or a sponge with an all-purpose cleaner. Make sure that you or your domestic cleaner do not use abrasive cleaners or scrapers in order to avoid scratches. Porcelain tubs are a bit more resistant to scratching but it is still recommended to avoid harsh abrasives or strong chemicals for maintaining and disinfecting the porcelain.