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Basic Deep Cleaning Tips

Basic Deep Cleaning TipsDeep cleaning the house regularly will help you to keep it sparkling and will minimise your efforts. You just have to follow few simple rules. The first step in house cleaning is to look at each room and make a checklist of your priorities. Identify specific tasks you would like to accomplish and as each job is completed, cross it off your list.

Prepare all the cleaning products that you will need during the cleaning (liquids, sponges, clothes, gloves). Put them in a bucket, this will be easier to carry them from room to another. Start cleaning your home from back to front, and top to bottom, for maximum efficiency. Focus on the job. You are cleaning the house and distractions will drag out the job (turn off the TV and the computer, don't talk on the phone, ignore your email).

When you enter the kitchen start with cleaning the cupboards, then the oven, the fridge and the freezer, the microwave, everything wiped inside and out. Vacuum the floor, then mop your linoleum or vinyl floor, or mop and wax the wood floor. Finish with washing the skirting boards. Grab a clean sponge and dampen it in a soapy solution, wringing it as dry as possible. Start at one end of the skirting boards and wipe all the way along the top and the sides. Go around the room. By the time you finish, the cleaned skirting board should be dry.

The living room is the easiest part of cleaning the house. Just polish the wood furniture, vacuum the cloth upholstery or clean and condition leather upholstery, vacuum under and between cushions, clean under the sofa and you are ready to proceed to the next room. Cleaning the bathrooms is a horrible job, but someone has to do it. Cleaning bathroom regularly will help you to keep it nice, smelling good and germ-free. Clean as you go. If it’s dirty start cleaning, don’t wait. It takes less time to remove fresh dirt than caked-on dirt. Keep a laundry-basket in every bathroom. Put a floor mat for every entrance, the help reduces tracked in dirt.