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Your Rug Cleaning Care

Rug cleaning and maintenance plays an important role in preserving the fresh look of your rugs. There is a difference in taking care of machine-made and handmade rugs. It is recommended to look at manufacturer’s care labels and follow the instructions or hire a professional rug maintenance service every now and then.

General Prevention Tips

  • Placemats at the entrances of the house and front doors to diminish the dirt that transfers to the rugs.
  • Avoid walking in your shoes when in the house which will protect all your floor coverings.
  • Rotate your rugs to minimise the wear and tear in the areas of high traffic.
  • Avoid placing rugs on damp floors.
  • You may use rug underlay to prevent colour transfer onto existing floor coverings and tripping.


  • Regular vacuuming is essential for a good hygiene and maintaining rug’s good condition
  • Handmade rugs cannot handle a very strong suction so choose an appropriate hoover or working mode of the hoover
  • Shaggy rugs need to be shaken in order to loosen and release any dirt, then use the lowest suction setting when vacuuming to minimise shedding.
  • Machine-made rugs with a cut pile should be vacuumed by a hoover that has beater bars which will enable the pile to stay upright and loosen any dirt in the base of the rug.

Occasionally, turn the rug with the pile down and vacuum the back of the rug with an upright cleaner with the beater bar set to low.

Spills and Stain Removal Tips

  • Always blot a spill with a clean, absorbent white towel and do not rub as it will enlarge the area that is affected.
  • Scrape up any excess with a blunt knife.
  • Before cleaning the rug always test the product you are about to use on a small and hidden area to avoid damage to fibres. Cleaning products that contain bleach can damage the rug pile.
  • Finally, brush the pile of the damaged area in the same direction as the rest of the rug.