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Woolsafe Preventive Tips in Carpet Maintenance

Professional carpet cleaners know the importance of proper maintenance in the extension of carpet’s longevity. It is important to differentiate between cleaning and maintenance of the carpets as cleaning is simply the removal of dirt and is related to visible soiling, whereas maintenance is a regular consistent procedure that starts from day one of installing the carpet. The combination of carpet cleaning and maintenance is the recommended formula in carpet care with keeping in mind that prevention is always better than cure.


Woolsafe suggests placing mats in front of external entrances to avoid heavy soil build up that will be more difficult and expensive to be cleaned at a later stage. It is also advisable to protect the carpet from spillages especially around places that it is likely to occur.


In between your yearly or seasonal carpet cleaner’s visits, unnecessary to mention but obligatory to happen, is the regular vacuuming especially of high trafficked areas. Blot any spillages as soon as they occur.


Professional carpet cleaners can give a thorough clean removing dirt from the base of the carpet and rejuvenate the fibre and the look of the carpet. Make sure that your carpet cleaner uses WoolSafe products and that the utilised technique won’t cause damage to the structure or colour of the carpet. Popular systems encompass shampooing, and hot water extraction or some dry extraction methods.

Maintenance Recommendations

Maintenance needs really depend on the severity of traffic and the type of soiling occurred. Hallways and lounge areas are a lot more prone to dirt buildup and will need a regular cleaning. Spots and spills care will also be paramount. Incorporating a steady maintenance programme will save you up to 40% in carpet replacement costs according to the Woolsafe organisation.