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The Importance of Regular Vacuuming

The Importance of Regular VacuumingAll professional carpet cleaners know that soil wears out the carpet most of all. Clients’ carpet and upholstery are a considerable investment in their home that needs protection and care. Soil needs to be removed periodically as the majority of soil is acid-based and oxidised oils weaken the carpet fibre. Abrasive dirt, such as sand, scratches the fibres. Soiled carpets usually breed bacteria and pathogens hiding in the fibres too. It is always a good idea for the carpet cleaner to inform the client about potential issues that arise from neglecting maintenance and letting dirt and soil build up. Since the carpet filters soil and indoor pollutants it is necessary that the carpet is regularly vacuumed and professionally cleaned.

Soil usually comes from two sources- from the outside or from the inside of the house. It is not necessary to be a professional carpet cleaner to realise that soil is brought into your home with the help of your shoes, whenever you are wearing your shoes on when in the house. The entries of the house can be protected and dirt can be minimised by placing doormats. On the other hand, the indoors dirt and dust come from human and animal hair, skin, and body oils to name a few. There are three types of common dirt: water-soluble, solvent-soluble, and insoluble. Professional carpet cleaners do take into consideration the type and the amount of soiling in order to facilitate the cleaning process and make a choice of chemicals and products to be used.

Regular vacuum cleaning will help you remove all kinds of soil before they build up and bound together. Soil can be easily removed while it is still dry. If you have missed on a regular vacuuming, do not fret because our carpet cleaners will still be able to help to improve the look of your carpet and reduce its soiling with our advanced equipment and hot water extraction method. For booking your carpet maintenance London-based service just give us a call 02070360626.