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Professional Carpet Cleaning – Visit Checklist

Professional carpet cleaners know the importance of a well-planned and tested procedure that will ensure a successful and efficient performance.


  • After introducing themselves, a professional carpet cleaner will take a close look at the specified job that will be carried out and thoroughly inspect for stains which have not be mentioned during the initial discussion and booking of the service.


  • Check out for proper ventilation, especially if solvents will be used
  • Do not allow children and pets in the cleaning area
  • Watch out the moisture levels of the carpet/rug during treating them
  • Surrounding floor surfaces can be covered in order to avoid splashes and spills
  • Checkout and inform the customer of any pre-existing issues


  • Professional carpet cleaners will inspect and treat stubborn stains
  • Pre-vacuum all areas with a professional equipment
  • Carry out the cleaning process using professional equipment and products
  • Carry out inspection for residual soiling and staining and act accordingly
  • Protective pads will be placed under furniture legs
  • Remove any stains and splashes off skirting boards


  • Professional carpet cleaners will remove all materials and equipment used out of the area.
  • Advise the client when it will be appropriate to walk on the cleaned carpet directly
  • Inform the client regarding any residual stains that were not removed