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Prochem Products for Cleaning Wool Carpets

Prochem offers a comprehensive range of pre-treatment chemicals, carpet extraction powdered and liquid detergents, maintenance products, spot and stain removers suitable for use in hot water extraction cleaning equipment.  The following are just a few of their WoolSafe approved products for cleaning and maintenance of wool carpets and rugs.

  • Prespray Gold is a concentrated pre-spray cleaner for wool, wool-mix and other pH sensitive carpets and rugs. It is an advanced formula product that manages tough oily and greasy soils before extraction rinsing. The product has an amber colour and floral lemon fragrance.
  • Liquid Woolsafe is a Prochem ’s effective extraction cleaner for wool carpets and rugs. The liquid has amber colour and a lemon floral fragrance. It is produced from biodegradable raw materials. As its name suggests it is a WoolSafe approved maintenance product.
  • Another Prochem safe and effective product for wool carpets, but this time powdered extraction detergent, is Fibresafe Gold. The product contains a self neutralising pH system which decreases the risk of colour bleed, texture change and re-soiling. Fibresafe Gold has a yellow colour and green apple fragrance.
  • Fiberdri  is a natural organic compound suitable for carpet dry cleaning system. The product contains biodegradable ingredients and it is made to absorb soil and moisture so that carpets are ready to be used instantly after the cleaning procedure.  Fiberdri has a golden colour and pleasant floral fragrance. For best results, proper storage is required in a sealed and airtight package.
  • Prochem’s Neutral Pro-Spotter is an effective spotting agent with neutral pH that achieves an optimum result on food, beverage and most general water-based stains. It is a clear liquid with floral fragrance. After scraping up any surface spot material, the Neutral Pro-Spotter is applied directly to the spot. Blotting with clean white cloth is recommended, while working from outside to the centre. Finally, rinsing with clean water if needed.

Prochem products are known worldwide as they continuously prove an outstanding performance in the cleaning sector. Last but not least, the chemicals undergo regular assessments of user safety and environmental impact. The raw materials comply with the requirements of regulatory authorities and meet biodegradability requirements.