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Deodorization in Carpet Cleaning

Deodorisation in Carpet CleaningProfessional carpet cleaners come across a variety of odours during their work and the ones occurring most often are: mould, mildew and urine. In order to eliminate the odour, the carpet technician needs to remove the source. Deodorization as a basic carpet cleaning and care can help in fighting with odour problems. There are several types of deodorisers.

  • Masking agents are perfume-like and they simply mask the unpleasant odour. These products can be sprayed on directly or mixed with another cleaning chemical.
  • Pairing agents are general purpose deodorizers. The chemical combines with the odour molecule and neutralises it. This product is more broadly used than the masking agents and can be applied as well directly or mixed with a cleaning chemical.
  • Enzyme deodorizers work on the basis of natural enzymes, as the name suggests, digesting the problem causing bacteria. Enzymes are mostly applied in the treatment of urine problems.
  • Disinfectants are used for controlling pathogens and bacteria. These products are effective against most bacteria except for mould and mildew. Disinfectants will not mix with all chemicals and they will not eliminate organic odours but just the source of the odour.
  • Anti-microbials give long-lasting control of bacteria and mould. New technology helps that this chemical bonds to the carpet and provides continuous elimination of bacteria.

London carpet cleaning companies offer deodorization as an additional service to the professional carpet cleaning. It is extremely applicable if you had any of the above-mentioned odour problems- mould, mildew and urine, or if you have animals at home. Certain acute odours are difficult to get rid of and may take several cleaning and deodorizing procedures.