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Benefits of Using NCCA Registered Carpet Cleaners

National Carpet Cleaners Association is the only UK trade body that sets the standards within the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry protecting both the reputation of the industry and the customers in the domestic and commercial sector. NCCA registered carpet technicians are required to hold an insurance covering both Public and Treatment Liability risks and to abide by the Code of Practice which touches upon the topics of fair pricing, service and consumer protection. Should any customer complains arise the Code requires to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently taking into consideration both the customers’ and the NCCA members’ point of view.

Registered carpet cleaners have access to an ongoing NCCA advising for latest developments, fibres, methods through printed materials and practical courses to keep their standards of work effectiveness and customer satisfaction up-to-date. Moreover, carpet cleaners can benefit from NCCA carpet manufacturers members by a healthy exchange of information and mutual cooperation. The most important obligation of an NCCA registered carpet cleaner remains customer service and satisfaction.  Keeping the communication lines between the customer and the service provider open at any stage of the service is a key to a positive relationship between the two parties and eventually optimal customer’s satisfaction. Fair pricing is essential for the trade standards.

The NCCA does not impose a rigid price control as costs and expenses vary around the country, it does, however, reserve the right to oversee member’s pricing after a client’s complaint. NCCA registered carpet cleaners are expected to provide “Service with Integrity” (1). Professional cleaning companies must fulfil many requirements in order to be recognized by NCCA and be able to trade under its logo. NCCA registered carpet cleaners have undergone extensive training in Carpet and Upholstery cleaning giving them the knowledge and confidence to provide high-quality service with beneficial results. Advanced Spot and Stain Removal courses train the technicians how to identify, treat and remove stains expertly. NCCA registered carpet technicians receive constant technical assistance from the association which will ensure you are entrusting the care of your carpets in expert hands.