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5 Tips for a Time-saving Vacuuming

Vacuuming the floor sounds like a pretty self-explanatory job and a no-brainer. It is not rocket science by no means – you plug in the hoover, you switch it on, and you continue vacuuming the floor for a certain amount of time. However, what if we tell you that there are some helpful and effective tips and tricks that can help you cut off the vacuuming time… or stop vacuuming in general?

Well, ok, not stop vacuuming in general, but vacuuming less often for sure and still enjoy an extra clean and tidy home! In case you are not that much of this classic and for many an everyday task, here is how you can improve your vacuuming routine significantly and adopt some really great habits to help you stop vacuuming from sucking up your soul… or, well, your free time.

Have a Plan

Having a regular routine pretty much means that you have a vacuuming plan and you have an exact day or days of the week or even time of the day when you are vacuuming. Establishing such a plan will help you a lot in decreasing the time you spend doing this chore and saying no to the sporadically doing some vacuuming here and there is definitely not the best thing you can do in terms of saving your time. You can even go further and decide on a routine when you will vacuum certain rooms and areas of the house on certain days of the week.

In addition, know your priorities and decide which are the rooms that experience the most of the household traffic and you will clean them with a priority and more often. Usually, vacuuming the spare bedrooms every week is not needed. Furthermore, you are recommended to have an exact order when cleaning the house. For example, you can start with dusting and then continue with vacuuming. 

Make Sure the Vacuum is Clean

It is very frustrating to set yourself in a mood for vacuuming the house and find out that the vacuum bag or container is already full or get full by the first room. Always make sure that the hoover is completely clean before you tackle the house. In case you have a vacuum machine that requires charing, make sure it is fully charged every time you need it by placing it in its charging station every time you are done with vacuuming. This all will save you a lot of time and nerves.

Tidy Up First

Before you start with vacuuming the floors you are recommended to use some extra minutes and tidy up the room first. This will help you continue with vacuuming without all the hassle of picking up things from the floor meanwhile. Additionally, tidying up before vacuuming will help you prevent sucking up things that could damage the hoover.

The Basic Rules

Well, vacuuming the house seems like a no-brainer but there are some basic rules for performing this job properly. There are some basic rules of using all your appliances properly so make sure you know the manufacturer instructions of your hoover.

Do it Regularly

Sticking to your regular vacuuming routine will help you a lot in cutting out the time required for finishing the job. The often you clean the floors the less dirt will build up which makes vacuuming a much easier job in a long run.