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4 Ways to Have an Extra Clean Carpet – Part 1

4 Ways to Have an Extra Clean Carpet Having a clean and sanitised carpet is one of the best investments you can make in terms of time, energy, and money if required. A clean and well-maintained carpet means not only that you are investing in the lasting perfect appearance and the long life of this soft flooring variant but also in a clean and sanitized home in general. Carpets are not very practical in terms of having a healthy home despite their many benefits and advantages, because carpets are trapping and collecting a lot of dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens in between their fibres.

Even a regular vacuuming is just not enough to be rid of all the collected grime and germs and these continue spreading around the house, decreasing the quality of indoor air and hiding the risk of a number of health-related issues and conditions such as allergies. This is why a thorough and detailed professional carpet cleaning (even if you decide to approach it as a DIY project) is a must for every household! 

So no matter if it comes to the carpet in your home or workspace, it must always be presented in a good light and ensure comfort and cleanliness. While a professional carpet treatment makes a significant difference, there are some very effective yet not that difficult to perform methods for ensuring a good quality of carpet cleaning you can do yourself. Today we are going to discuss 4 of the most efficient and helpful ways to keep your carpeting in tip-top shape.

Carpet Absorbent Cleaners

Maybe the name of this method is telling you nothing and this is why you probably know it under the more popular name – carpet dry cleaning. The name is pretty self-explanatory of the service since it requires no water during the process. The treatment consists of sprinkling the surface of the carpet with a carpet absorbent product, which contains detergent, solvent, and water in small quantities. The purpose of this compound and the magic behind this method is that the product is effectively absorbing and attracting any dirt, grime, and soil trapped in between the carpet’s fibres.

In order to work the product into the carpet, you are going to need a brush tool with a mechanical action. Once the compound attracts and absorbs all the dirt and grime a thorough vacuuming is needed. The main pros of this method are its simplicity and the fact that no drying time is required since a very small quantity of water is used during the process. The main cons of the method include the powder (detergent) residue that may remain trapped in thick carpets and the fact that this method is not appropriate for a very deep and flawless sanitisation and cleaning.

Carpet Shampooing

As the name suggests, this method is mainly based on creating a thick foam and have it worked into the carpet’s fibres with the help of a machine with a rotating brush. Once the foam dries down, the residue starts attracting and absorbing the dirt, grime, and soil. A thorough and detailed vacuuming is needed the next day. Two of the most popular machines used during the process are the rotary shampoo machine and the cylindrical foam machine. The main pros of this method are its simplicity, affordability, and a good agitation provided by the rotating brushes. However, the main cons include the risk of dirt piling and being buried in the carpet and the fact that very extensive and thorough vacuuming is required by the end of the process.

Stay tuned for Part 2 so you can learn which are the other two very popular and effective methods for a thorough carpet cleaning!