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Wool Carpet Care

Wool is one of the oldest fibres used by man and it is still used as a face yarn for carpets. The chemically organic structure and more specifically the sulfur element is responsible for the wool smell when it is damp. Wool does not show soil as much as other fibres. Due to its strength wool face yarn can endure heavy traffic. Additionally, wool can be cleaned well as the moisture swells the fibre which on its behalf enhances dirt release. One of the shortcomings of the wool fibre, however, is its susceptibility to distortion, especially under heated conditions. Due to its absorbency quality, wool stains easily. Wool is also sensitive to alkaline chemicals which can make it brittle and cause discolouration.

With an appropriate care, a wool carpet can keep its durability and beauty over the years. The life of the wool carpet can be extended by regular vacuuming at least twice a week and especially in high traffic areas. It is imperative that the dirt and grime are removed regularly before even settling in the rug or carpet. In order to increase the suction power of the vacuum, empty the bag more often. In addition, vacuum slowly and in more than one direction to remove the dirt from different sides of the pile and achieve optimum results. Another protection hint is rotating the wool carpet or just placing small mats in heavy traffic areas. Preferably, keep the wool carpets from getting too much direct sunlight which may cause permanent fading of the colours.

As I mentioned earlier, wool stains easily and there’s always the danger of these stains becoming permanent. That is why spills need to be addressed swiftly and expertly. Always blot the excess moisture first with a clean absorbent white towel. Preferably call professional carpet cleaning company before you even think of pre-treating it as it might only worsen the problem and deter it from a positive result. A variety of WoolSafe approved professional products are available to carpet cleaners to take the utmost care of your wool carpets.