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New Chemical-Free Award Winning Cleaning Tool

A new innovative house cleaners product - a chemical-free cleaning tool ionizes tap water into an efficient bacteria-killing cleanser. It has just been granted the New Product Award for 2010 by the British Toilet Association after winning the Italian AFIDAMP Green Award 2010 for Eco-Design and Innovation for environmental sustainability.

The product represents a trigger spray bottle and is filled with pure tap water. After squeezing, electrolysis and electroporation technologies are activated that ionize the water. As result pathogens can be easily killed. The Activeion technology owes its success to the fact that a chemical-free cleaning manages to not only lift the dirt but also to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. Available to the public, people can do their domestic cleaning with a toxic-free cleaning agent and avoid toxic harm and packaging waste from general purpose cleaners.