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Mould and Mildew Problems on Carpets

Among the various challenges, we can encounter within carpet cleaning is mould and mildew problems. Mildew grows in dark and moist areas feeding on an organic substance such as jute backing, hair, soil and water flood. It grows under the carpet of most materials make up. Mildew can be found on nylon carpet when some organic matter has been overly wet and left in contact with the carpet. Mildew forms to leave a difficult stain to remove.

Moisture needs to be eliminated in order to stop the mildew growth. If a flooded carpet has been left to dry slowly, it tends to fall apart. The phenomenon is known as dry rot. In this case, if the humidity increases, the mildew will begin its growth again together with bringing out the unpleasant odour. The higher the humidity rate, the more intense the odour is. It comes to form the gases the waste material of the bacteria works on mildew emits. Professional carpet cleaners use odour neutralisers and disinfectants to address such issues successfully.

In the case of a leak or a flood at your home to prevent mould and mildew growth, we recommend that you act quickly and contact professional carpet cleaners. The Hot Water Extraction Method will help extract most of the humidity from the face of the carpet but not from the base itself. To eliminate this problem from further creating conditions for growing mould, dehumidifiers available for hire can be delivered and left in the flooded rooms for forty-eight hours at least for optimum results. In addition, the dehumidifiers will need regular emptying of the water containers to prevent water overflow.