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Insect Pest Infestations within Carpets

The problem of insect infestations within carpets is a frequent one and regular carpet and rug cleaning are strongly recommended. Central heating creates atmospheric conditions that facilitate insects breed all year round. The most popular insects that do damage to textiles within the United Kingdom are Clothes Moth and Carpet Beetle.

The insect larvae attack the pile and even the base of woollen rugs as they feed on the protein in the wool. Carpet beetles and moths fly indoors to lay eggs. Moths find dark and humid conditions in carpets under furniture or the back of rugs. The female moth lays its eggs on wool, fur, feathers, and skins. Birds’ nests attract insects as well, so it is a good idea to check your unused chimney.  Natural fibre carpets are the ones that really attract the insects.

Prevention is a wise step. Check out the areas which are prone to insect infestations and provide the favourable conditions for them to breed. Make the effort to move and check under furniture as well. Sticky monitoring traps might be a good idea for early identification of insect presence. Before storing rugs make sure they are clean, wrap them in canvas and check them regularly for insects. After you find some evidence of insect infestations, isolate the rugs to stop the spread and find a safe treatment or advise professional carpet cleaners.