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Feng Shui Tips For Your Study Room

Besides the necessary regular domestic cleaning, Feng Shui offers some extensive advice for enhancing the energy flow and the overall sense of well being in certain areas of your house. Cluttered space and disarray in your study room will prevent you from focusing on your tasks and achieving the results you aspire. A few Feng Shui tips will help you improve your concentration and sharpen your focus.

Start with positioning your desk so you can clearly see the entrance area, the whole room and anyone that may be coming into the room, that will give you a sense of security and also a welcoming feeling to you and others. Place a comfortable high-back chair to support your body properly. The desk should be positioned so that the window is on your left-hand side. Place a mat between your personal area and your study area. This will make the people stop before they 'enter' you study area. Organise your desk with shelves and folders. Use indirect natural sunlight for your study or soft, warm lights. The colour orange is a wise choice according to Feng Shui as it corresponds to organisation, intention and high concentration. Even just some orange ornaments or accessories, flowers and candles will boost your motivation.

Make a list of things to accomplish or a list of future plans thus having something to look forward to. Every night make sure that you clean up your area and prepare the books for your next school day, so next morning when you wake up you will be ready t begin your day. Place a cactus or sharp-leaved plants to ward off harmful influences and attract good fortune to your study room.